What are Animated Explainer Videos? 

The name itself gives us many clues :). They are videos designed to dispel confusion around a product, service, or concept. Typically lasting 1 to 2 minutes, they provide clarity to the viewer. They are especially used to engage potential customers on your website and streamline sales processes or to support your customer service.

Are they what you need? 

Not always. They are particularly suitable for technology companies or those selling products with many concepts not clear to the general public, such as those involving Fintech, blockchain, crypto, etc. Especially effective for addressing people in the 'Bottom of the Funnel,' those close to making a purchase but still undecided.

Are you ready for them? 

Experience tells us that we work best with companies that have budgets allocated to marketing, understand their metrics, have been targeting an audience for a while, and know specifically what they want to improve. If you are just getting started, we can guide you, but we often recommend not investing at this stage.

Why is it different to make videos with Sapiens?

The most relevant aspect is our method: Trial and error from the early stages. We go live with a version that may be less flashy than other production companies, but it's much faster and much more cost-effective. Plus, it can be improved along the way. The best part is that if we scale it, we know it's already working, and you risk less of your investment."

More Effective Messages

Your communication isn't better because it's prettier; it's better because it's more effective. We approach video iteratively. We try and adjust for better performance.

Streamline Your Processes

Eliminate confusion and truly connect. Everything will flow better. Guaranteed

Optimize Your Budget

Our method can make your investment up to 6 times lower

Some examples

They have already trust us: