Instructional Design

Fundamentals for language teaching

Thhese are principles and concepts essential for crafting lessons and materials within a language learning method rooted in kinesthetics and play. This instructional design project lays the foundation for an innovative and effective approach to language education

Key principles

5 Step-road


Individuals seeking to break free from language-learning plateaus, yearning for a dynamic and intensive approach to acquiring a new language. 

Training Time

Multiple Scopes - 3 months,6 months -1 year.
2-3 sessions per week

Applid Theories

Montessori - KaosPilot

Learning Objectives

2. Cultivate resourcefulness and bolster confidence by engaging in interactive and play-based language learning activities, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience.

3.Facilitate the seamless integration of acquired language skills into real-world projects, such as crafting articles, participating in podcasts, and optimizing curriculum vitae (CV) compositions. Encourage the practical application of knowledge for enhanced proficiency and versatility

From Objectives to Deliverables- Rose Diagram

Plannig out urban culture Microlearning

This project is a meticulous plan outlining an interactive video experience centered around the concept of "Choose Your Own Adventure." This initiative was crafted during Sapiens' involvement with the collective "Cocodrilo," offering a unique and engaging approach to urban culture microlearning.

NAvigate the whole conceptual journey

Click on the image to delve into a comprehensive exploration of insights, concepts, and design principles that were carefully considered during its development. 

Helping Marketers to know about Storytelling

Chek out the designing docs we Produced to clarify the way we would tech storytelling