A project that explores the richness of the Spanish language and the fun it hides. Palindromes apply to talk about those things that are read in both directions, from right to left and from left to right. Like “A man, a plan, a canal Panama.”, in english. We've got a lot of them in spanish, and use it as an excuse to enter into  a  world where everything can be turned upside down, where we embark on marvelous journeys, and where we see that turning everything around is an adventure in itself. This is the rhyme that leads the beginning of our first chapter.

“Anita lava la tina”, también se lee al revés

la tina la lava a ella de la cabeza a los pies.

También a ratos se vuelve una tina submarina,

Que anda  los 7 mares hasta llegar a la China”

A veces surca  los cielos y recorre el universo

Pa’ conocerlo todito, por el frente y el reverso

O se interna en planetas de habitantes pegachentos

Y gozamos con la magia de contar extraños  cuentos… 

Concept - Pilot Chapter